Vice Chancellor

Professor Brigadier General K M Salzar Hossain, ndc, psc (Retd)


                                 Vice Chancellor                                  BAIUST, Cumilla Cantonment

Resume of:

PROFESSOR BRIGADIER GENERAL K M Salzar Hossain, ndc, psc(Retd)

Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor of the Bangladesh Army International University of Science and Technology 

1.         Professor Brigadier General K M Salzar Hossain, ndc, psc was commissioned in Bangladesh Army in the Corps of Engineers. The officer had his early Schooling/education in Rajshahi Cadet College. He graduated from CU in 1984. On completion of his basic courses on military engineering, Professor Brigadier General Salzar was sent to BUET to complete his graduation in CE. Accordingly, he completed his studies in CE in 1993. Later he completed MSc in Engineering from BUET in 2001.

2.         During his services in Bangladesh Army, Professor Brigadier General Salzar was posted as a Lec and Asst Prof in the School of Military Engineering at Qadirabad Cantonment. He was again posted at MIST as an Asst and Assoc Prof in the Dept of CE. He also held the appointment of Prof and Dean of the Faculty of CE and the Head of the Dept of Architecture at MIST. His area of studies/teaching included Structural Engineering, Environment Engineering, Water Resources Engineering, Hydraulic Structures, Sediment Transport, Project Planning & Management. As a part of the training, in Bangladesh Army, Brigadier General Salzar attended the Staff Courses in Defence Service Command and Staff College and obtained a Masters in Defence Studies from National University. He also studied in National Defence College and obtained Masters of Strategic and Development Studies from BUP.

3.         Besides his services in the various schools and Institutions, Professor Brigadier General Salzar had the privilege of serving in some of the coveted command and staff positions. He served as the Project Director, Construction of Server Stations for Electoral Database, Election Commission, Bangladesh and also Project Director, Road Construction Projects in the Chittagong Hill Tracts. He commanded a Bangladesh Engineer Contingent in UNMIL, Liberia, and an Engineer Battalion in Bangladesh Army.

Professor Brigadier General Salzar is also a widely traveled person and visited Angola, China, England, KSA, Kuwait, Liberia, Malaysia, Namibia, Sierra Leon, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, and Zimbabwe.

Bangladesh Army International University of Science and Technology (BAIUST) has stepped into 4th year. The 1st batches will be graduating within a year. At this time, I consider myself blessed to be appointed as the 2nd Vice Chancellor of BAIUST. However, the blessing has its allied responsibilities also. The responsibilities of preparing educated future leaders with sound technical/administrative education, gradually developing BAIUST as a true Center of Excellence in research and education, building strong ethical values within faculty members and students, all contributing towards national development. With the blessings from Almighty Allah and sincere assistance from all, I truly believe that BAIUST will remain committed in transforming its VISION and MISSION statements into reality. Soon, the BAIUST graduates will be proud of their institution, in sha Allah.