Bangladesh Army International University of Science and Technology

01. Residential Student Registration Form

02. Scholarship/Financial Aid Application Form (Children/Spouse of Armed Forces)

03. Scholarship/Financial Aid Application Form (Poor and Meritorious)

04. Application for Migration

05. Application for Semester Continue

06. Application for Hostel Seat Cancelation

07. Application for Readmission

08. Application for Term Withdrawal

09. Letter of authorization 

10. Unofficial transcripts issuing process

11. Service Charges

12. Requirements for Applying PVC, Transcripts

13. Issuing transcripts PVC process

14. Attestation Verification Process

15. Clearance Form

16. Credit Transfer Process

17. Application for duplicate transcripts

18. Application for Late Payment of Tution Fee

19. Application for Studentship Cancelation

20. Application for Student ID Card Form

21. Testimonial/Character Certificate

22. Rechecking of Answer Script – Term Final Exam Fall-2019

23. Student Service Form

24. Application for Sibling Waiver