Bangladesh Army International University of Science and Technology

Cumilla, Bangladesh

Residential Hall

The residential facilities at the Bangladesh Army International University of Science and Technology (BAIUST) are designed to provide a comfortable and secure living environment for students and staff. There are three main buildings for accommodation, each serving a specific purpose, and a guest house. Here are the details:

  1. Female Hall:

    • Capacity: 104
    • The Female Hall is designated for female students. It provides housing for 104 students, offering a secure and supportive living space.
  2. Guest House:

    • Capacity: 7
    • BAIUST has a Guest House with a capacity to accommodate seven guests. This facility is likely used for hosting visitors, including dignitaries, academics, and other guests associated with the university.
  3. Male Hall:

    • Capacity: 156
    • The Male Hall is designed for male students, providing accommodation for 156 students. The facilities are structured to ensure a conducive and disciplined living environment.
  4. Staff Accommodation:

    • Capacity: 20
    • BAIUST also provides accommodation for staff members with a capacity for 20 individuals. This allows the university’s faculty and administrative staff to reside conveniently on the campus.

Strict Rules and Regulations: The residential halls at BAIUST are likely governed by strict rules and regulations to ensure discipline, security, and a conducive academic environment.

Dining Hall: Students residing in the residential halls typically have access to a dining hall. This centralizes the dining experience, fostering a sense of community among residents.

The provision of separate halls for male and female students, staff accommodation, and a guest house reflects BAIUST’s commitment to providing diverse and well-maintained residential facilities. The emphasis on rules and regulations ensures a secure and disciplined living environment, contributing to the overall well-being of the university community.