Bangladesh Army International University of Science and Technology

Cumilla, Bangladesh

Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuses


Sexual harassment is an offensive crime against human rights. The Policy on Sexual Exploitation and Abuses (SEA) is made to ensure the prevention and response to sexual harassment at Bangladesh Army International University of Science and Technology (BAIUST). The policy is non-specific for male and female.Several sections in the Constitution of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, however, provide for guarantees of gender equality. The state is firmly committed to removing all forms of gender discrimination and, as the Constitution states that women have the same rights as men in the state and public life. All citizens are equal before the law, and have an equal right to have protection under law.Hence BAIUST authority has a duty to adopt effective measures to prevent and deter offenses of sexual violence and harassment in the workplace of the University. Special attention will be given to the female students and any case of exploitation that is done for personal interest. Also, this university has a sense of duty to seek protection of relevant laws for trial of offences of sexual harassment and to take necessary steps.

Complaint Procedure

The written complaint should contain a description of each incident(s). It should include relevant
dates, timings and locations; name of the respondent(s); and the working relationship between the parties. A person designated to manage the workplace sexual harassment complaint is required to provide assistance in writing of the complaint if the complainant seeks it for any reason.

This is for kind information of all concerned that in order to prevent sexual harassment and receive complaints thereupon, BAIUST has formed a Complaint Committee. The Committee is fully operational and has also resolved many SEA cases in the past. Moreover, there are National Emergency Services phone numbers and mobile phone applications to avail in submitting complaints against sexual harassment.

So, if you are a victim of sexual harassment, please contact:

(1)  Dr. Nargis Parvin, Assistant Professor (Department of CSE), & Member Secretary, Sexual Harassment Complaint Committee, BAIUST, 

Phone- 01312-281428


Or, (2) Dial the following National Emergency Services phone numbers: 999, 109

Or, (3) Download the Joy App by clicking on the link below to file a complaint: Link-

Please Click Here: Form of Complaint

Member Panel


Dr. Wahida Zaman Loskor

Associate Professor & HoD (Sc & Hum) BAIUST, Cumilla


Faria Nourin Ansaree

Lecturer, Dept. of English, BAIUST , Cumilla

Md. Yousuf Ahammed

Lecturer, Dept. of Business Administration, BAIUST, Cumilla

Shadab Bin Ashraf

Lecturer, Dept. of Law, BAIUST, Cumilla


External Member
Advocate, Member no. 23929 Jugge’s Court, Dhaka

Mirza Sultana Poli

External Member
Advocate, Bangladesh Supreme Court (Panel Legal Aid)

Dr. Nargis Pervin

Member Secretary
Assistant Professor, Dept. of CSE,
BAIUST Cumilla