Bangladesh Army International University of Science and Technology

Cumilla, Bangladesh

Department of Science & Humanities


The Department of Science and Humanities started its journey on February 14, 2015, with the beginning of BAIUST. This department conducts courses on undergraduate programs for the CSE, EEE, CE, and Business Administration departments. Specifically, this department conducts mathematics, chemistry, physics, and sociology courses for the respective departments. To facilitate practical engineering education, we have an enriched and highly equipped chemistry and physics laboratory.
Faculty members of this department also conduct high- quality research, collaborating with other departments at BAIUST and other universities around the world.

Lab Facilities

Physics Lab

The Physics lab is enriched with all types of essential modern equipment. In Physics lab, at present total 19 Experiments (Optics related 06 Expt., Electricity related 04 Expt., Mechanics related 06 Expt. and Thermal Physics related 03 Expt.) are available for the undergraduate students of CSE, EEE and CE Departments. A separate Dark Room is available to perform Optics related Experiments.

Students can perform all the Experiments in groups. A group is formed by only 5 or 6 students so that each and every student can perform the experiments first-hand. Experiments related to Spectrometer, Polarimeter, Newton’s Ring Apparatus, Diffraction Grating, Post Office Box, Flywheel, Spiral Spring, Compound Pendulum, Apparatus of Melde’s Experiment (Tuning Fork’s Frequency Determination), Lee’s Method (Thermal Conductivity Measurement), Cooling Method (Specific Heat Determination), Electrical Method (Determination of ‘J’), Deflection Method (High Resistance Determination), Statical Method (Rigidity Modulus Determination), Pin Method (Refractive Index Determination) and Bending Method (Young’s Modulus Determination) are available in the Physics lab.

Chemistry Lab

Our chemistry lab is enriched with all types of essential modern equipment. The environmental engineering lab of the civil engineering department is also attached to our newly extended lab. Currently, chemistry lab-related courses are being conducted in this lab for the CSE, EEE, and CE departments. Besides this, students from the CE department also work in this lab for their final-year thesis (environmental). Here, we conduct qualitative and quantitative analyses of chemicals through the synthesis of chemical compounds/composites. Moreover, we have solvent extraction and sample preparation facilities for further instrumental analysis. In this combined modern lab, adequate instruments such as a spectrophotometer, portable pH meter, conduct meter, magnetic hot plate, centrifuge machine, oven, distillation plant, and all necessary chemicals and glass apparatus, including gas and electricity supply up to the working table, are available. In this air-conditioned lab, sessional classes are also performed with multimedia projector and enriched sound system.
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Faculty Members

Dr. Wahida Zaman Loskor

Associate Professor & Head of the Department

Md. Nazrul Islam

Associate Professor (Physics)

Syeda Rahimon Nahar

Assistant Professor (Chemistry)

Samia Taher

Assistant Professor (Mathematics)

Nusrat Jahan

Assistant Professor (Mathematics)

Baizid Hosen

Assistant Professor (Physics) 

Farjana Bilkis

Assistant Professor (Mathematics)

Md. Yasir Arafat Arman

Lecturer (Sociology)

Md. Gulam Mustafa

Lecturer (Physics)

Shamima Akhter

Lecturer (BD Studies)

Asif Ahammed

Lecturer (Bangla)

Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Md Abdul Majed Patwary

Associate Professor (Chemistry)

On Study Leave

Md. Abul Hasan Roni
Assistant Professor
Didarul Islam
Lecturer (Physics)

Technical Officers & Staffs