Bangladesh Army International University of Science and Technology

Cumilla, Bangladesh

Department of Economics


The Department of Economics is committed to fostering excellence in education, aiming to equip students with comprehensive knowledge and analytical skills. Our primary focus is to nurture leadership qualities, empowering students to navigate complex economic landscapes. Through a dynamic curriculum, we strive to instill not only theoretical expertise but also practical insights essential for professional success.

Our mission extends beyond the classroom, emphasizing the development of employable qualities among graduates. We engage students in real-world applications, internships, and collaborative projects to enhance their practical experience. The goal is to produce well-rounded individuals capable of contributing meaningfully to diverse sectors of the economy.

At the heart of our department lies a dedication to quality research. We encourage faculty and students alike to pursue cutting-edge studies that contribute to the broader understanding of economic principles and their implications. By fostering a culture of innovation and inquiry, we aim to generate knowledge that addresses contemporary challenges and informs evidence-based policy decisions.

Moreover, our commitment extends to building a sustainable society. We believe in the transformative power of economics to drive positive change. Through research, community outreach, and partnerships, we aspire to contribute meaningfully to sustainable development. By instilling a sense of social responsibility in our graduates, we aim to create future leaders who prioritize ethical considerations in their professional endeavors.

In essence, the Department of Economics is a hub for academic excellence, skill development, and leadership cultivation, with a resolute commitment to producing graduates who not only excel in their careers but also contribute actively to the creation of a sustainable and equitable society.

Program Details

Bachelor of Social Science in Economics

The BSS in Economics program will attempt to provide foundations on theoretical and empirical knowledge in economics and to provide rigorous training in applied research. It pledges to impart enriched inclusive curriculum to equip the students with innovative knowledge to contribute to sustainable development. It also aims to instill a deeper understanding and practice of moral and ethical values to address contemporary socio-economic challenges. This program provides a foundation for careers in academics, research, finance, banking, and as an economist in public and private organizations, international or UN agencies, multinational corporations, industrial sectors, public service among other fields. Based on eight exciting Program learning Outcomes(PLOs) this outcome based curriculum will cover 140 credits consists of General education courses, Core courses, Capstone and elective courses.

Course structure at a glance:


Total Credit

(Theory sessional)

Weekly Contact Hour




























Program Educational Objectives (PEO):


Attain an ability to identify and solve challenging problems in their professions by applying theory, principles, and skills learnt during degree program through which graduates will have successful academic and professional career.


Graduates will be competent enough for working in public and private organizations with their ability to resolve economic, social, and environmental and policy making issues.


Demonstrate effective communication as an individual or team player with strong managerial and entrepreneurial skills.


Maintain highest ethical and professional standards in pursuing their careers in both domestic and global arena.


Make students engaged in independent learning through involvement in research and project works and developing partnership with different stakeholders to address regional development issues.


Engaged in life-long learning to continually polish their professional capabilities for their personal growth and the betterment of society.


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