Bangladesh Army International University of Science and Technology

Cumilla, Bangladesh

Dean of SoB

Dr. Fatema Johara Acting Dean, School of Business
PhD (Malaysia), MPhil, University of Chittagong
MBA in AIS, University of Chittagong
BBA (Hon's), University of Chittagong
Associate Professor

The Department of Business Administration and the Department of Economics are two integral components of the School of Business, working in tandem to provide a comprehensive educational experience for aspiring business professionals and economists.

The Department of Business Administration is a dynamic hub of learning, innovation, and leadership development. Its primary mission is to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the ever-evolving world of business. Faculty members in this department are experts in various business disciplines, including Accounting, Management, Marketing, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Human Resources Management and more. Students benefit from a diverse range of courses, experiential learning opportunities, and access to cutting-edge research. The department places a strong emphasis on practical application, preparing graduates to thrive in real-world corporate environments, start their businesses, or pursue advanced studies.

On the other hand, the Department of Economics delves into the intricacies of economic systems and theories. It is committed to fostering a deep understanding of economic principles, policies, and their impact on society. Faculty members engage in research that informs public policy, offering valuable insights into global and local economic issues. This knowledge equips them to contribute to a wide array of fields, including finance, government, international relations, and academia.

Both departments within the School of Business collaborate to create a well-rounded academic environment that prepares students for multifaceted careers. The synergy between business administration and economics ensures that graduates possess a holistic perspective on the world of commerce, enabling them to navigate complex challenges, make informed decisions, and drive positive change in their chosen fields.

Faculty of SoB