Bangladesh Army International University of Science and Technology

Cumilla, Bangladesh

Dean of ECE

Mohammad Asaduzzaman Khan Acting Dean, Faculty of ECE
M.SC. IN EEE, BTH, Sweden
Associate Professor

The Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE), offering solely B.Sc. Engineering degrees in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE), Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE), and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) serve as a cornerstone of undergraduate education in the field. These programs equip students with a solid foundational understanding of their respective disciplines, covering essential principles and practical skills.

The Faculty is aimed to provide international standard education by adapting OBE-based course curriculum and state-of-the-art laboratories. The Faculty also has industry partnerships through MoU to give industry exposure to the students. While focused on undergraduate education, the Faculty ensures hands-on [1] experience through laboratory work, projects, and industry partnerships. These connections provide students with internship opportunities and industry projects, fostering real-world readiness.

The Faculty offers research opportunities to students, nurturing their exposure to field-specific research and preparing them for future graduate studies. The Faculty has several research labs such as Data Science, AI, Robotics, and research labs.

Upon graduation, students are well-prepared for software engineering, electrical engineering, data science, electronic engineering, IoT application, cyber security, and information systems careers, thanks to the comprehensive education and practical skills acquired during their undergraduate studies. The Faculty is vital in cultivating the next generation of electrical and computer engineering professionals, offering a solid foundation for immediate employment and future educational pursuits.

Faculty of ECE