Bangladesh Army International University of Science and Technology

Core Values

Integrity:  It is commitment to uphold the highest standard of moral, ethical and professional conduct.

Openness:  One should think clearly, study freely with open mind willing to learn and examine the complex problems with reasoning.

Intellectual Curiosity:  One must strive to broaden his/her knowledge, stretch intellectual horizon, and push beyond the comfort zones. As one gains knowledge, it will give him/her the power, authority and confidence. 

Commitment to Excellence:  The commitment to produce highly competent and global standard manpower on science and technology who will be proficient in communication skills, critical thinking, and analytical abilities. The aim is to search for truth and delivery of socially relevant, scientific and technology contributions. This is a place where hard work will be rewarded and talents will be nurtured. 

Self Discipline:  One must impose self-discipline to abide by the rules, and regulations of the University and beyond.

Sense of Responsibility:  All must inculcate the sense of responsibility, and discharge the assign duties judiciously.

Diversity:  In due course of time, the University aims to have students, faculty, and researchers from various discipline, nationalities, and cultural background.

Respect for others:    As members are from devise culture, race and religion, all must show respect for others.